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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

ABC book and reading books

Wow!!!What a summer its been.......

I got some new book samples through yesterday, its an alphabet book I did illustrations for with Make Believe Ideas.
It has all sorts of fancy flaps textures and sliders. I'm really pleased with it!!


 I also got some samples through of two reading books I illustrated with Denise Ryan Associates in Australia - Cuckoo Cuckoo and Coyote, A Trickster Tale. Getting the finished books is one of the best things about this job....... As well as doing what you love for a living......As well as being able to listen to the radio all day, and drink coffee, and eat chocolate.....and have a cat on your knee......and listen to audio books.........and I'm finally having a go at my own book.....you never know. *crosses fingers*